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Дата публикации:
Доклад Информагентства СА "Архитектор" на Всемирном конгрессе в Дурбане
Ideas Workshop, DEC 1 & 2
Parallel Workshop
Monday, 4 August   11:00AM - 1:00PM
News Agency of Unions of Architects "Architect": Modeling a development scenario for cities and urban settlements
Modeling a development scenario of identity standards for cities and urban settlements as a cultural foundation for socio-economic growth aims to achieve a potential of city sustainable development by architectural, ecological, historic-cultural, social and economic studies. The session will draw attention of federal and regional leading experts in various fields to development of achievements and solutions of city problems. It will also establish professional communication, making available new mechanisms of interaction and experience exchange between Russian and foreign cities on the interdisciplinary level; promote development and implementation of projects aimed at sustainable development of cities with participation of specialists and organizations of wide spectrum of professional competence; define principal cultural-historic and socio-economic specific features of cities, to recommend standards of identity for further successful regional development; develop and deliver special dedicated and analytical information using cultural resources; promote an inflow of investments to promising projects of city development.

Andrey Volkov (Chief of Division of coordination of territorial planning documents of the Department of Strategic Development and State Policy of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation),

Konstantin Markus (Chairman of expert committee, CITY IMAGE multiformat contest, author of research work "A historical and cultural framework of Russia"),

Ekaterina Chugunova (Director, The Architect, Official Information Agency for International Architecture Academy, Moscow branch (IAAM), and International Association of Unions of Architects (IAUA)/ Chairman of the organizing committee, CITY IMAGE multiformat contest)

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проекты  Проcтранство AIR

IAAM Союз общественных объединений Международная Ассоциация Союзов Архитекторов (СОО МАСА) Архитектурное пространство  Creative Capital Club-Клуб Творческая столица 
Архитектура метро ОАО  Союз архитекторов России  САР Архбюро Сергея Романова 
Архитектурная мастерская В.Логвинова Моспроект-4 Казакова ФОРТУНА 
Международная выставка «ИНДУСТРИЯ КАМНЯ» 

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